Abla Muneera

"Abla Muneera" أبله منيره, is a tragedic musical television series that aired on Kuwait Television in 1981 starring actor Khalid Alnafisi, Mona Jaber, Abdulrahman Alagel, Huda Hussein and Sahar Hussein in addition to various actors from Kuwait, Egypt and Iraq. The story is about Faiza, a young heartbroken Egyptian lady who went through a rough divorce. Faiza loved children to death yet she couldn't  bear any children of her own. After her divorce, she went back to live with her parents who advised her to look at the bright side of life and start a new positive life again. 

One day, a Kuwaiti family submitted a nanny request in a local newspaper, Faiza saw the ad and got excited, yet the ad mentioned that the family preferred an older nanny. Faiza had no choice but to disguise herself as an old lady just to get the job. Faiza meets her employer Mr. Ahmed, a widower who wanted a tough and experienced nanny to take care of his children. Faiza (known as Abla Muneera) soon became the children's teacher, friend and mother.