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The Cruel Sea

In 1972, Kuwait introduced "بس يا بحر" (which is translated to The Cruel Sea), was the first Kuwaiti Drama film that was introduced to the world starring Mohammed Almansour, Saad Alfaraj, Hayat Alfahad, Ahmed Alsaleh, Ali Almofeedi and Amal Baker.

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Abla Muneera

"Abla Muneera" أبله منيره, is a tragedic musical television series that aired on Kuwait Television in 1981 starring actor Khalid Alnafisi, Mona Jaber, Abdulrahman Alagel, Huda Hussein and Sahar Hussein in addition to various actors from Kuwait, Egypt and Iraq. The story is about Faiza, a young heartbroken Egyptian lady who went through a rough divorce.


A collection of sketches that connect individuals to their childhood memories.